Europe 2013 - Day 14: Venice to Zermatt


Sunday, June 9, 2013

Today we arrived in Venice, Italy signaling the end of our cruise. We got off the boat around 9 am, walked around Venice until our train left, and then trained to Zermatt Switzerland. Not too much happened today, but we did miss a train, visit more sites of Venice, and sit on a train for about 9 hours.

Last views of our cruise ship.
Sitting in the train station with all our luggage.
Wheeling and dealing the price of our painting from the artist. Note: Amanda sucks at haggling.
Standing in front of one of Venice’s big Basilicas.
Grand Canal of Venice.
A boat selling fruits & vegetables in a local “farmers” market .
St. Mark’s Square.
Waiting on our train.
Sitting on the train, ready to go.
Getting ready to get on the train to Zermatt.
Tomorrow, we are spending the day in Zermatt, Switzerland!

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