Down Under 2014 - Day 4 - Waitomo

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Today we spent the day in Waitomo, New Zealand to explore the Waitomo Glowworm Caves and participate in a cave rafting adventure. The cave rafting consisted of a 115-foot rappel, zip lining, spelunking, and cave tubing underneath the glowworms for one unforgettable journey.  

We started the day visiting the Glowworm Caves, and learned more about glowworms than I think I ever could have imagined. One fun fact for you is that they’re really glowing maggots, but honestly, who would go and visit them if it was called the Glowmaggot Caves? Ha! Viewing the glowworms were truly breath taking and such a unique experience. After the glowworm caves we headed to visit two different caves. We enjoyed learning all about the caves, the Maori people, and the surrounding area.

Welcome to the Waitomo Glowworm Caves
Entrance into the Rukari cave
Exploring the caves
These are the Glowworm fishing strands
The small blue lights on the left are the Glowworms. Imagine an entire ceiling in a cave lit up by these!
Exploring the caves
A 400,000 year old stalactite.
Exploring the caves

After the cave tours we spent the afternoon and early evening participating in the cave rafting tour. It was an incredible tour that was physically demanding. The water was extremely cold despite being in a wet suit but your adrenaline kept you warm. One of the unique experiences on the trip was floating in a inner tube staring up at the cave ceiling admiring all the glowworms. In this trip we also enjoyed climbing up waterfalls, floating through small spaces throughout the cave, and zip-lining through the cave in the dark.

Abseiling down into the cave
Zeb jumping into the river with his inner tube.
Amanda did not want to smile for the camera.
Climbing up the waterfall and out of the cave.

Afer a exhausting day we enjoyed a casual dinner in the small town of Waitomo. Then, it was off to bed to prepare for our adventures tomorrow.


Goodnight from Waitomo!  

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