Europe 2013 - Day 19: Liechtenstein to Zurich, Switzerland


Friday, June 14, 2013

Today we were mostly in Liechtenstein. The reason I say Liechtenstein as a country not with a town is because we were basically everywhere in Liechtenstein. We got up and drove down to Balzers, Liechtenstein and we rented bicycles. Balzers is about as far south as you can go in the country. We then rode our bikes up to Vaduz, which is the central part of the country. We had lunch and did some shopping in Vaduz before we decided to continue our bike journey; we decided to do a ride across country! So we continued to head north up to the farthest north town of Ruggell. After 18 miles of riding we were finally in Ruggell, we then turned around and headed back to the south end of the country and finished back in Balzers. Our journey totaled about 31.05 miles of bike riding. It was quite the day, and now our legs are sore and we got a lot of sun!

Our B&B in Liechtenstein
The license plates in LI are black!
Our bikes for our adventure across Liechtenstein
Welcome to Liechtenstein!
Amanda riding down the road
After our 31-mile bike ride
We survived our 31-mile bike ride with only a few minor injuries

We then left the tiny country of Liechtenstein we were headed back to Zurich, Switzerland! Once we got to Zurich we checked into our hotel and went to dinner. We also saw a very nice Ferrari that was parked near our hotel.

Typical view of our drive from LI to CH
Welcome to Zurich!
Side view of the Ferrari
Tomorrow we are exploring more of Zurich, Switzerland!

Goodnight from Zurich, Switzerland.

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