Zermatt, CH - Day 3


Monday, December 29, 2014

Today, we ventured out to the Klein Matterhorn to spend the day on that part of the mountain. Unfortunately, the runs to Italy were closed so we spent our day riding only the Swiss side of the mountain. It was a very cold, -13 degrees Fahrenheit, but a clear day in the morning, and after 5 days of waiting (including the previous time we were here), Amanda was able to see the Matterhorn with unrestricted views. 

View from our apartment.
Beautiful village shot.
Beautiful sunny day.

Things we've noticed about Swiss skiing continued (bold = new):

1. Many trails/runs are very narrow due to Swiss laws dictating how wide they can be.

2. A vast majority of the trails/runs are well above the tree lines, it's rather challenging finding runs within the trees.

3. The ease of continuous access across numerous peaks and valleys. It's extremely easy to go from run to run over multiple faces of the mountain. 

4. Amanda likes to call it the “Swiss Grand Prix.” By this, she is referring to the crazy way these skiers fly down the mountain next to you. She jokes that the “Easiest way to bring a German to the ground” is to stick out an arm and clothesline them, because they are just that close.

5. Not only do they fly past you but also we’ve never seen a place with so many skilled skiers. It’s both impressive and intimidating the way they maneuver the mountain. 


Standing above the village of Zermatt.
Picture of the day.
Swiss Grand Prix.
We found a run with trees.
Delicious Swiss Chocolate!

Good night from Zermatt!  Tomorrow we will be back on the slopes hitting up another part of the mountain. 


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