Europe 2013 - Day 15: Zermatt,Switzerland


Monday, June 10, 2013

Today we started in Zermatt, Switzerland and we ended our day in Champery, Switzerland. First, we took the train from Zermatt to Visp, where we picked up our rent-a-car and we then drove to Champery. It took about 1.5 hours to get there, and it was a beautiful drive!

The train we took down to Visp
Zermatt’s train station
On our way to Champery
Arriving in Champery

After we arrived in Champery we found a place for lunch, and then we drove around town. The town of Champery is more of a village, as they call it; it only has about 1,200 people who live here. The town is known for their skiing, in the wintertime, and they have over 195 ski lifts! Our main activity for the day was a hike up the cliffs that are around Champery. The hike had beautiful views, and the weather kind of cooperated with us, it was kind of drizzling all day with rain, and it stopped while we were on our hike. We then drove around some of the “Mountain” roads, as they call them, getting even more beautiful views.

The views off our hotel room deck
Standing on our deck
The Hotel Suisse
Our rent-a-car, Audi A3
View from the cliff side hike
The trail in the cliff
Standing next to one of the many waterfalls
Restaurant at the end of the hike
Mountains in the background
Mountains again in the background
The cattle have a great water feature!
Walking down the “Mountain” roads
Typical cow, notice they all had these bells attached around their necks
The river that ran through the valley

For dinner, we again had cheese fondue with dried meats. The fondue was amazing as usual and the views of the valley were just as good!

Cheese fondue for dinner
View from the restaurant
The restaurant, the food was amazing and we were about the only people there
Tomorrow, we are headed to Lake Geneva, and we are going to be driving our way up to Neuchatel, Switzerland.
Goodnight from Champery, Switzerland!

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