Europe 2013 - Day 20: Zurich, Switzerland


Saturday, June 15, 2013

Today was our last full day in Europe this trip. We ended our journey from Italy to Vatican City to Italy to Croatia to Greece to Italy to Switzerland to France to Switzerland to Liechtenstein to Austria to Liechtenstein and finally back to Switzerland. It has been an incredible 21-day journey that contained many exciting events, meeting new people, and beautiful sites!

To wrap up our great trip we spent our final day in Zurich, Switzerland. We started the day by walking around the city, observing swans and ducks, and then we popped into a chocolate factory/restaurant for lunch. The desserts were amazing and they had a great hot chocolate! After lunch we did some shopping around town and enjoyed all Zurich had to offer. For our final dinner in Europe we had a Swiss classic, cheese fondue with bread and dried meats.

Looking out over the city of Zurich
Another view of the great city of Zurich
Nice looking fountain
Typical street in Zurich
Looking out over the river
Local entertainment
Swiss ducks
This swan stood over 3 feet tall
Looking out over the river to the North
We saw a family sized Ferrari and it had a backseat!
One of the chocolate desserts we had for lunch at Sprungli Chocolate Factory
Outside the chocolate factory
Grossmunster church
Our last meal in Europe, Cheese Fondue
Tomorrow will be a long 20-hour trip home, but we are excited to finally be back in Nebraska. It’s been a wonderful and educational three weeks together in Europe!
Thanks to everyone for following our blog, we’ve enjoyed sharing our trip with everyone.
Goodnight one last time from Zurich, Switzerland.

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