Europe 2013 - Day 17: Champery to Neuchatel, Switzerland


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Today was mostly a travel day; we started in Champery and ended in Neuchatel. We began by driving through France to get to Geneva, Switzerland. The drive was beautiful and the mountains were a blast to drive through to get down to the lake.

Sign coming into France
France’s speed limits
Entering the village of Chatel, France
Fountain in Geneva, Switzerland

After the long way to get to the Chillon Castle, we toured the castle. What I mean by long way is this; the normal route to get to Chillon from Champery might be 30-40 minutes, but our drive took almost 4 hours! This is because we drove the long way around the lake, and through France, the roads are small and the distance is quite long. Anyway, we toured this Castle and it was pretty well preserved, compared to some of the castles we have been to. It had original wall art and original wooden ceilings. The place was a pretty cool site to see.

Basement of Chillon Castle
The Keep at the Chillon Castle
Banquet Hall
The castle is situated on an island
Looking out over Lake Geneva
The third courtyard at the castle
On the walk above the castle walls
Standing in the second courtyard
Outside of the castle
Showing the castle is built on the island that is surrounded by the lake
Gorgeous backdrop

We then drove up to Bern, Switzerland, where we just did a quick walk through the old town portion of Bern. This was a very pretty town, and it reminded us a lot of being back in Germany.

Clock in Bern, Switzerland
The main street in Bern, Switzerland
Public transportation in Bern via train
River that goes around old town of Bern

Tonight, we had a dinner with a prospective, KZValve distributor for the European market. We had sushi and Amanda had a dessert that was even served like sushi. The sushi was actually pretty good, because we thought it was odd we would be eating sushi in Switzerland.

Sushi dessert after our sushi dinner
Goodnight from Neuchatel, Switzerland.

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