December 27th - January 1st: WhistlerBlackcomb, BC, Canada


Saturday - 12/28/13


Today we spent a majority of the day on the mountain. We started our day by taking Peak to Peak gondola from Blackcomb to Whistler. It was a clear and sunny day so we took as many pictures as we could throughout the day. Whistler was fun, crowded, but it had some nice bowls with good powder. For lunch we headed back to Blackcomb and had lunch at a nice restaurant overlooking the mountain. After lunch we did a few more runs and then called it a day early because the conditions weren't the best. We enjoyed some lounging time prior to heading to our bobsledding activity for the evening. Tonight we experienced bobsledding at the whistler sliding centre. This track was home to the Vancouver 2010 Olympic course. It also happens to be the same course where the luge athlete died three years ago. We were very excited for this activity due to its uniqueness. Zeb and I were able to ride in the same sled for the 40 second, 80 mph, 4G experience. Zeb described the experience as "an exhilarating rush of downward force". It was pretty sweet to be on the same track that the Olympics took place on. After bobsledding we had a nice dinner at Milestones with a delicious dessert. Sunday will be a fun packed day of snowmobiling and zip lining, we can't wait!


Sunday 12/29/13


Today we took a break from snowboarding and planned on going snowmobiling and zip lining. We started the day by getting picked up at The Hilton and taken out to the snowmobiling trails. We scheduled a 3 hour tour, 2 hours of riding. We lucked out and had our own private tour guide, Torin, for the entire time. Torin was a young guy, probably our age. We enjoyed riding the trails, some were a little icy at times. We headed up the the warming hut for a smokey lunch and a time to warm up in the little cabin. During lunch we kinda talked Torin into taking us up to the back bowl. The back bowl was where all the powder was, it was a blast! After a while we had to start heading back down. Unfortunately, on the way down Amanda had some issue with a very icy part of the trail. She started applying the brakes, but apparently did so too fast and started sliding sideways and then tipped over. Luckily, she was recognized the time when she needed to jump off and roll out of the way. She was not hurt and the sled was fine and we were all able to continue. We finished the tour and then headed back to the Hilton. We had about an hour to kill before our next tour so we decided to grab some lunch at the longhorn saloon. For the afternoon we had scheduled a twilight zip lining tour. This tour was a new experience of zip lining in the evening and in the winter. We were in a group from a family from the Vancouver area and had two English tour guides. It was fun going at night but we missed being able to see everyone going down the line. Either way it was fun, different, and a great chance to do something different. After the zip lining tour we headed home to shower and to get ready for our 8:00pm sushi dinner. It was a delicious dinner with probably the most authentic sushi. Tomorrow, we anticipate only snowboarding for the morning, because we assume the conditions will still not be up to par. Then in the afternoon we have scheduled an art class where we get to carve and create our own Inukshuk. This will be the first art class Zeb and I will have ever taken. It should be fun and we are looking forward to it. We are having a blast despite the lack of good snow on the mountain.


Tuesday - 12-31-13


This morning we started our day by spending the morning on Blackcomb mountain. At noon we headed down back to our condo to get ready for lunch and our afternoon activity. Before lunch we went back to check on our Inukshuks to apply a final coating tithe stone. For lunch we went back to Fat Tony's pizzeria! They have wonderful pizza and Amanda insisted  on going back one last time. After lunch we have a sweet tooth craving and went to a local BC ice cream placed, called Cows. We both had delicious chocolatey ice creams. After our ice cream we headed back up to the Whistler Sliding Centre to experience the skeleton. The skeleton experience was one that made us kind of nervous because you are going 60 miles an hour head first, with your chin about two inches above the ice. With this activity you got two runs from 1/3 up the track. The goal of skeleton is to remain as still as possible, keep your back flat and on the sled, and to avoid the walls. Each run was timed and you were ranked in the group you were with. The first run Zeb beat Amanda, but the second run Amanda beat Zeb and got second place out of the entire group. Not to shabby for the soccer player who doesn't like the cold. That evening was news years eve so we went and had a nice dinner in Whistler village.  


All in all, the conditions weren't the best for snowboarding but we enjoyed the beautiful surroundings and all of the additional activities Whistler had to offer. We will be back, one day!   


Cheers from Whistler, BC.


Here are photos from different activities and events from the trip:

Welcome to Blackcomb Mountain.
Welcome to Whistler Mountain
Atop the mountain above the clouds
First time snowmobiling
Our sled racing down the track
Zebby headed down the track
Amanda headed down the track
Amanda coming in straight
First time zip-lining in the winter

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